Blizzard 'surprised' by Diablo III backlash
Posted: 05.08.2011 05:31 by Comments: 4
Members of the Blizzard team have expressed "surprise" at the backlash by the gaming community for the announcement that Diablo III would require an internet connection to play, and that they weren't buying the idea that it wasn't DRM, but a way to make sure there was a level playing ground online.

Blizzard's online technologies VP Robert Bridenbecker admitted to MTV Multiplayer that he was "actually kind of surprised in terms of there even being a question in today's age around online play and the requirement around that."


For one, Diablo II had addressed this issue. Furthermore, what does the single player experience have to do with online play. It also seems Blizzard doesn't like the idea of players using their own LANs for some same area gaming.

It also doesn't address the idea that broadband is not only not widespread, but some broadband services have bandwidth caps. It also doesn't address the fact if the Blizzard servers go down, everyone gets screwed, internet connection or no - just ask Electronic Arts when their Dragon Age servers went down, blocking people from using their paid DLC. Electronic Arts was also there first-hand for the outrage aimed at Spore, and how sales tanked in part due to the DRM.

It also doesn't stop piracy, and even if it did, Blizzard wouldn't see extra money because pirates don't pay for software, and won't purchase it even if they can't crack it. On the other hand, it will lose money from legit subscribers who don't have constant internet. (It doesn't help that Blizzard has dared pirates to crack the game - never a good idea.)
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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Aug 05, 2011
Good article. Piss-poor arguments from Blizzard. How can they be so none aware of gamers opinions? Seems like they have had a too good time with WoW and bought into the lie of FB as the next big gaming platform...
By neilmike (SI Core) on Aug 05, 2011
Blizzard...will you listen to us !!!
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Aug 05, 2011
Well a surprise at least means they noticed something, now we'll see if they will play dumb. Or maybe they've been playing dumb right from the get go.
By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Aug 08, 2011
Blizzard is getting weird these past few years.

EA weird.