Confusion over what Metal Gear Solid HD Collection includes?
Posted: 12.08.2011 12:31 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
Prepare to endure the craziness that are region releases because Japan it seems will be getting more out of their Metal Gear Solid HD Collection for PS3.

Hideo Kojima reveals Japanese gamers "can enjoy MG1, MG2, MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3", while reports say everyone else gets everything too except MGS1.

"Metal Gear HD series. The domestic version is a package of MGS2 and MGS3," twittered Hideo Kojima. "But, there is also a product code for MGS1, and MGS3 is subsistence specification, so MG1 and MG2 which were sold on MSX are included."

"This means, you can enjoy MG1, MG2, MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3 with this one!" The international HD version is believed to include HD remakes of MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker. MGS3 is based off the Subsistence version as well.

That means the US and European versions get MG1, MG2, MGS2, MGS3, and Peace Walker. However it seems Metal Gear Solid 1 will be missing the collection. Metal Gear 1 and Metal Gear 2 are kept in their original form devoid of anything HD.

Hopefully Konami in Europe will clear this all up soon. Metal Gear Solid Collection releases on Xbox 360 and PS3 at an undisclosed date. Are you excited for the collection?
Source: Eurogamer
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By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Aug 12, 2011
That's nice except the part where MGS1 is missing.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Aug 12, 2011
I'm not too concerned. I'll be picking this up alongside Skyrim....

.... this is going to be a PAINFUL Winter.