Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 'no sequel', tester gives details
Posted: 15.08.2011 11:46 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
A play tester for Valve's newly announced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has said the studio "was quick to make clear" this isn't 'Counter-Strike 2'.

It's a multiplatform team-based FPS "similar to its predecessors," and uses the updated Source Engine "but is not built off" Counter-Strike: Source.

This week at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will debut but it seems the developer has already been putting testers through the game. A tester from ESEA News said it is "due out in early 2012 with beta access beginning this fall."

"It will maintain the traditional de_ and cs_ map types and would not include new game modes. Valve was keen on hearing the input from top CSS players to make CS GO an e-sports title and that is reflected by the game featuring both casual and competitive game modes with a built in match making system and support for dedicated servers."

The visuals and animations for the new Counter-Strike "look beautiful" they continued. "We got to play dust, dust2, inferno, and nuke with confirmation that other CS classic maps such as train and likely some new ones will be included in the release."

"It didn't feel like 1.6 and despite being built on the Source engine, it didn't feel like CSS," noted the report.

"By design, Valve wanted to create a game with a different feel, and overall it was really smooth. The pro players seemed surprisingly happy with the player movement and feel of the game but thankfully they weren't short of feedback and most weren't shy to share it."

"Tweaks and adjustments are needed, but in my opinion, it was a great sign that it didn't grossly offend anyone." New weapons are in the game although balancing needs some work right now as some where too inaccurate and others too overpowered.

"New weapons were added, including a new heavy machine gun rifle, new pistols, and a new shotgun," added the ESEA News' tester.

"They added molotov cocktails, an expensive $850 item, which can be used to slow down opponents and re-route opponents through AOE damage."

"Decoy grenades are also a new item that can be thrown to emit gun sounds and give the illusion of there being a player." To read up on more of the hands on report with Valve's new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive visit the ESEA News website.
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By neilmike (SI Core) on Aug 15, 2011
hmmm, Really valve should start thinking about Counter-Strike 2 from now on 'cos we do need more completely brand new games from valve and not repeat to similar of the old ones...

ps. valve have made all that money from steam and yet made a few games occasionally which is not enough..i think so