Deus Ex: Human Revolution has "flood of people" join OnLive
Posted: 26.08.2011 11:16 by Simon Priest Comments: 1
The surprise inclusion of an OnLive code for PC Deus Ex: Human Revolution in the US has led to a "flood of people" signing up to the cloud gaming service.

The code is for a free OnLive version of the game which can be played via the MicroConsole for TV or on the PC through a browser. OnLive CEO is chuffed.

"We’ve already seen it,” said CEO Steve Perlman. “It’s all anonymised of course, but we certainly see how many people are redeeming the coupons, and how many coupons are redeemed." Square Enix made a deal with OnLive to include game coupons.

"There’s just been a flood of people coming in, first timers on OnLive today, PC gamers who have gone and bought the disc, got it home, and said ‘oh, what’s this?’”

The streaming game service is more than pleased by reactions from the new players. OnLive uses a powerful collection (a cloud) of servers which crunch away and do all the heavy lifting so you don't have to own powerful hardware to play titles in high quality.

"It’s great, they’re joining the community. They’re adding to it. Who knows, maybe they’ll go spectate, get some ideas, chat with people. It’s all about making a better experience for people and making a bigger community," continued Perlman.

Unfortunately this deal is for US gamers only however OnLive is expected to launch in the UK eventually. The only downside of the streaming game service is that it requires a strong and obviously constant Internet connection.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC today in Europe.
Source: OnLiveFans
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By unsilviu (SI Core) on Aug 26, 2011
Here in Europe I've been able to connect to OnLive and play some trials, but it's got a good amount of latency (~500ms) and the quality is not HD, i'd say it looks about the same as 480p on YouTube. This might be because it's running in low-spec mode, since I might be connecting to US servers, I'm not sure.