The Witcher 2 achieves almost 1 million sales in first half 2011
Posted: 30.08.2011 13:18 by Simon Priest Comments: 10
CD Projeckt RED's The Witcher 2 stands at 940k copies sold as the first half of 2011 passes, and over 400k of those were during its launch week in May.

The original game cleared 1 million units which CD Projekt hailed as a tremendous achievement. The Witcher 2 releases on Xbox 360 next year.

The studio hails the original RPG title's success as tremendous given it was an unknown IP from an unknown developer. CD Projeckt RED saw profits of $7.09 million for the first half of 2011 as it generated approximately $27.92 million in revenue.

The Witcher 2 releases on Xbox 360 in early 2012. The studio will also be releasing a major update for the PC game which will bring it to 'Version 2.0' they say.

Source: Gamasutra
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By Kres (SI Elite) on Aug 30, 2011
And I still didn't played even the first one. Bugs and CTDs that I heard of is keeping me away from it. Did they patch those?

[EDIT] Bought it. Looks like a decent sum of patches have been released. Bloody 50 EUR! Man what a BS.
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Aug 30, 2011
I've played it and encountered no bugs whatsoever. It has taken 1st place in my Best Frigging Games since Hopscotch list :P
By Kres (SI Elite) on Aug 30, 2011
Really really? Oh yes! :) Still an hour to download it...
By Keef (SI Veteran Newbie) on Aug 30, 2011
PC gaming dead to piracy, horsefart! Must be good marketing or people like it more this way, I kinda think it lost what was good about the witcher, 3 style combat, click thing.
By neilmike (SI Core) on Aug 31, 2011
well, that shows pc can sell well...not bad at all
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Aug 31, 2011
Still playing the first one (picked it up for $4.50 on sale). By the time I get around to the sequel it should be all patched-up. Good show for CD Projekt.
By boarsarecool (SI Newbie) on Aug 31, 2011
Not surprising.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Sep 02, 2011
Good news and well deserved!
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Sep 02, 2011
It's a lot less than it deserves, but I guess it's good enough to keep them working on the sequel
By ColinMc (SI Veteran Member) on Sep 02, 2011
There propably be more than 1.5mil. If there Wasnt VacЯ*HackerPartCo.!!..>>>