Breath of Fire III lockout from PSN due to legal issues
Posted: 04.09.2011 16:06 by Comments: 1
While the Breath of Fire series has been making a popular leap to the PlayStation 3 - Breath of Fire IV was recently released on PSN - the omission of Breath of Fire III has been a point of contention for many of the fans of the series.

Capcom community manager Christian Svensson didn't make them feel any better when explaining why the third game has not appeared in the official Capcom forums.

In the post, he explained, "Guys, I don't get sent a list of issues by the IP legal review team in Japan so the exact reasons I couldn't tell you. If it doesn't clear, it doesn't clear. There's some sort of legal exposure to us either from potential risk to someone else's IP or there are lapsed or non-covered middleware, voice work or soundtrack contracts."

"No, you can't just 'pull these things out' and resubmit. There is no provision for new development in the PS1 re-release program. One needs to submit the ROM exactly as it was released," Svenssion stated, then added, "Trust me when I tell you, we'd love to make you happy and for my business purposes, I'd love to have the revenue. We aren't holding these things back just to upset you."

Breath of Fire IV was released three weeks ago, August 16, on PSN.
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By PowerJack (SI Elite) on Sep 04, 2011