Ubisoft: Child of Eden "great product" despite low sales, no DLC
Posted: 12.09.2011 13:51 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Ubisoft's Child of Eden for Kinect and PlayStation Move won't be getting any downloadable content released for the music and motion-based shooter.

While Child of Eden "got great reviews," it however "didn't sell as many copies as we hoped," said Ubisoft. It's a tragedy because it "deserves recognition".

"Child of Eden went to retail, it got great reviews," said senior VP of sales and marketing, Tony Key. "'s a great product, but we didn't sell as many copies as we hoped, obviously. And that's a shame, because the game is great and deserves recognition."

"I just think your more mainstream consumer -- a lot of the Kinect people are -- haven't quite figured out what that experience is, so we continue to get great reviews and not a lot of sales at retail, but Microsoft saw that as an opportunity, took it and put it in with Kinect."

Microsoft plans to include a redeemable code for a digital Child of Eden copy included as part of their limited quantity Kinect bundle. Ubisoft isn't sure about making a downloadable version widely available to gamers any time soon though.

"We don't use that model right now for any of our games -- we sell new retail games. It's not something we have in the plan at the moment, but if that model is coming, I don't see why Child of Eden couldn't fit in there," added senior VP, Tony Key.

"We think the renewed interest generated from this new bundle could be a tipping point for Child of Eden to become a bigger brand for us. We would love to have that happen."

Child of Eden releases on PS3 September 23rd in the US, 27th in Europe.

Source: Joystiq