Darkstar One: Broken Alliance now available on Marketplace
Posted: 13.09.2011 21:25 by Comments: 0
Kalypso Media has announced that their space-faring action-adventure game, DarkStar One, is now available for purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace as a Games on Demand title for 1600 Microsoft Points ($19.99 USD).

Strategy Informer reviewed the game when it was released back in July, stating that gamers who never played spaceship simulators like Elite or Freelancer would find that Darkstar One "will be a considerable breath of fresh air, and something definitely worth checking out if you're bored of Shooter McShooterston 3" but eventually panned the game, saying the gamer would "end up yearning for more" and that "none of the single pieces of Darkstar are particularly shoddy (voicework aside), but mixed together they form an experience that's largely devoid of anything memorable".

The game, which was awarded a 6/10 score, might be infinitely more palatable at the bargain price, so it could be worth a look. Here is the official trailer.