Tales of Monkey Island 70% off from Telltale
Posted: 19.09.2011 20:40 by Comments: 1
Avast ye matey! In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, Tales of Monkey Island is now available from Telltale Games' official site at 70% off.

Fer ye scurvey dogs who don't remember this 2009 episodic adventure game, Guybrush Threepwood, who—while attempting to destroy his nemesis, the undead pirate LeChuck—accidentally released a voodoo pox across the Gulf of Melange. Over the course of five games, the poor sucker found his hand possessed by the curse that afflicted LeChuck.

Ye can get the entire series for a mere $9.99 USD from now til September 26 at Telltale here.


By Revan (SI Elite) on Sep 20, 2011
I love these dumb games! But I think I already bought the entire series from PSN for a similar price. Think it was $15 or something?