Halo 3 kill count exceeds Earth's estimated population
Posted: 23.06.2008 16:57 by Comments: 3

Recent forum users on a Bungie message board have pointed out that the total enemy kills in the popular online multiplayer game Halo 3 has exceeded the current world population. Official Bungie statistics place the total amount of enemy kills at 6,738,689,827 as of this writing, while many estimates of the world population come in just below that. The world population kills number was past sometime on Saturday June 21st.

Besides the enemy kills in Halo 3 there are 1,175,415,881 friendly kills giving Halo 3 players an excellent 5.7:1 kill ratio. Certainly nothing can be attributed to this statistic beyond Halo 3 players are having fun. Go get ‘em guys!
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By hunter612 (SI Core) on Jun 23, 2008
Whoa....I really don&#039;t know what to say....way to go??
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 23, 2008
So HALO actually translates as &quot;Genocide&quot; in the Old Hebrew I guess. CoD4 wouldn&#039;t be too far that&#039;s a lot of planets we&#039;ve de-populated.
By Pacer (SI Newbie) on Jun 23, 2008
well just think how many lives we have taken over our many gamer years,i mean RTS,TBS,FSP games,i mean,they all add up,i know that i most likely have wiped out a planet or 2 in my day.