Bethesda denied Fallout MMO restraining order
Posted: 24.09.2011 05:56 by Comments: 3
Develop Online has learned that a court has ruled that Bethesda cannot restrain Interplay from including Fallout characters and references in their Fallout MMO. It's fairly assured that Judge John Walter felt Interplay owning the Fallout license would allow them to use assets, characters and narrative belonging to the Fallout IP, as Bethesda ridiculously claimed they had no right to them.

However, it's clear that Bethesda's attempt at a restraining order was to drain Interplay's coffers during a long court pre-trial, as "Interplay recently warned investors that the company is on the brink of collapse unless present financial conditions change," according to Develop.

Bethesda had first sued Interplay in 2009, but a US District Court judge denied its motion for a preliminary injunction. The publisher then attempted to say that Interplay and Masthead could not use assets, characters or narrative belonging to the Fallout IP.

Judge Walter shot this down, stated Bethesda “has not demonstrated that it will be irreparably prejudiced” if the restraining order is enacted, and that Bethesda has not shown it is without fault in creating the dispute in the first place.
Source: Bluesnews
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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Sep 24, 2011
In the mean voice of the mean kid in Simpsons: Ha ha!

Bethesda. it is time for you to get out of Fallout universe now - leave it to someone new and hopefully one day after the abuse it has endured - we will be back to something that is more akin to the original game...
By Jasca_Ducato (SI Core) on Sep 24, 2011
Nelson Muntz (the kid from the Simpsons). Honestly, the idea of companies using the legal system to undermine their competition nowdays is, quite frankly, disgusting. Apple's doing it (and unfortunately Google is forced to respond in kind), game companies have been doing it for years.

I can't wait for the day when a judge orders the company to payback ALL of the defendants legal costs, especially if it's blatently obvious the main aim of the court-case was to deprive the defendant of funds.
By Dark_Templar (SI Veteran Newbie) on Sep 28, 2011
I love bethesda for all the great games they make, skyrim oblivion morrowind fallout 3 and so on, but still they are foolish when it comes to fighting over the rights of fallout all the time, instead they should use that time to develop more great games.