Might & Magic Heroes VI has you choose between blood and tears
Posted: 29.09.2011 07:26 by Comments: 7
UbiSoft has released a new Might & Magic Heroes VI trailer, showing off the new Reputation system, in which the player is regularly faced with a very important Reputation choice between two different 'moral paths' -- the path of Dragon Tears and the path of Dragon Blood. Simply, Blood Heroes are more aggressive and offensive minded, while Tears Heroes will be more reactive and defensive.

The Reputation is determined by the paths which the hero takes, and can alter the experience during the campaign. Each path is linked to a unique epilogue map with the ability to unlock special quests and different companion heroes. Hero abilities are also defined by their affinity with each reputation path -- for instance, the higher your ranking in the 'Blood' path, the more powerful the associated abilities become.

Finally, some of the rarest and most powerful artifacts in the game are Reputation-specific, while many of the in-game quests will offer a Reputation choice and reward the gamer with the appropriate Reputation points. Once the player has reached a certain level of points, they can get an advanced Reputation class.

Might & Magic: Heroes VI is due to be released this October on PC. Check out the trailer in the video below.

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By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Sep 29, 2011
Well, this has sort of snuck up on me. I didn't know they were making one. Keeping an eye on it.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Sep 29, 2011
The graphics look nice for a HOMM game. I'm interested in the series but i'm not a major fan so i'll probably get this on some sale.
By jesar (SI Newbie) on Oct 11, 2011
Todavia estoy esperando esta entrega, soy fan y seguidor de toda la serie...seguire esperando...tiene buen aspecto
By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Oct 11, 2011
The graphics are irrelevant!

I will never understand that mentality.
By nocutius (SI Elite) on Oct 12, 2011
Good graphics + good gameplay > crappy graphics + good gameplay.

Graphics make games more immersive.
Obviously graphics wont make a crappy game good, but they will help a good game.
By jesar (SI Newbie) on Oct 17, 2011
no me referia al aspecto del juego, sino en general, es un termino que se usa en mi pais...estoy de acuerdo igual con nocutius, buenos graficos + buena jugabilidad es un buen juego
By Warmark (SI Newbie) on Oct 18, 2011
Of course good graphics + good gameplay is a win win situation, otherwise play a text based game, there have been plenty of those that are good.