Blacklight: Retribution closed beta dated
Posted: 07.10.2011 00:53 by Comments: 1
Free-to-play online first person shooter Blacklight: Retribution's closed beta will begin on November 10, according to publisher Perfect World. According to the company, the beta entry will be in waves, as an initial few will be selected, then more in the following weeks.

Developer Zombie Studios's creative director Jared Gerritzen stated, "The development of Blacklight: Retribution has been a hard earned labour of love and after receiving praise from both fans and media, we're confident that our work will pay off," then added, "Closed beta is another step towards a game that we know people will have a great time playing."

The game will use a microtransaction model to earn revenue. No release date has been announced yet.
Source: Eurogamer


By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Oct 10, 2011
This game does look great, and creepy to. Just the way that I like it!