Survive all alone in indie title Lone Survivor, disease and insanity
Posted: 14.10.2011 13:43 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
What if you were the last human alive in a world ravaged by disease? Well you can find out in Superflat Games' indie developed Lone Survivor, coming soon.

It's a 2D game that has us venture from our safe apartment looking for supplies while managing our character's sleep, meals and maintaining his sanity.

Jasper Byrne is the creator of Lone Survivor and plans to submit the game to the Independent Games Festival. It emphasises actual survival and dares you to make some tough choices as to what you risk eating, and even tempts you with drugs.

"I tend to dislike games with unnecessarily-realistic / glorified violence in general, itís a bit of a theme in this game, and others Iíve madeÖ In fact this is the first game Iíve made with a gun," blogged Jasper Byrne over at Superflat Games.

"Iíve made a big thing out of the fact that you can get through the game without killing anything, and that taking pills, killing or eating rats is entirely optionalÖ and the game will recognise this. I want to make a game where you think about the consequences of picking up a gun. Some drugs can even be beneficial too though, right?"

"Itís a game about looking after yourself as best you can, in a bad situation. Some players may relish exploring the darker aspects, but Iím betting the majority stay clear, at least in their first playthrough," continued the indie developer.

Check out Superflat Games' blog for more info on Lone Survivor.

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