PlayStation Network has 9.8 million registered users worldwide
Posted: 26.06.2008 18:10 by Comments: 2

In a recent strategy meeting Kaz Hirai, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., revealed that the PlayStation Network (PSN) has registered over 9.8 million accounts worldwide. The publicly released PowerPoint slides from the strategy presentation also include other interesting facts, like the distributed data volume over PSN is approximately 86 petabytes and that the PlayStation 3 has sold over 12 million units.

Hirais slide presentation also points out the newly announced PSN Video Download service, Sonys ability to place dynamic in-game advertisements and their hope to produce units for less cost by reducing the number of components in them so that the Sony Game Group can achieve profitability in FY08.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 26, 2008
Doesn't really even come close to the PC, with over 9 million registered subscribers to WoW alone.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Jun 27, 2008
They have one registered user in Croatia too:))