There's "scope to remake" classic Syndicate, "purely speculative"
Posted: 24.10.2011 12:46 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
EA and Starbreeze Studios are developing Syndicate as a first-person shooter for PC and consoles, but EA Partners' Jeff Gamon ponders the original.

The Bullfrog title was "such a classic," and there's "scope to remake it," he says. Going down the "strategic route" better on PC and mobile than console.

"The original was such a classic. There is scope to remake it," declared executive producer Jeff Gamon at EA Partners. The remake of the Syndicate IP had long been rumoured to be at Starbreeze but EA kept a tight lid on the project.

"But I don't think it necessarily has to be exactly the same genre. If we did there are probably other platforms which are more suitable for it than the consoles we're making it for, if we wanted to go in that more strategic route, that perspective."

"I would love to see Syndicate as a true franchise again, bringing it back and expanding it out onto whatever platforms it's suitable for," he continued.

"There's loads of potential," Gamon believes. "We're not limited at all. But that's purely speculative at this point." The original game from Bullfrog was an isometric real-time strategy game with a squad of agents and required some tactical cunning.

Starbreeze's Syndicate reboot is a first-person shooter with a four-player co-op mode, which was included as a nod of respect to the Bullfrog creation and vision.

"Syndicate was a classic franchise and brand, but it's been a long time since it's been out there. A lot of today's gamers don't know it. So we need to go out there with a game, with a brand, and establish that brand and just take it from there," said Gamon.

Do you welcome Starbreeze's interpretation of Syndicate if it means the franchise builds up and lands a more strategic outing later down the line? Check out the 11 minute long 'Executive Search' developer walkthrough below.

Source: Eurogamer
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By Revan (SI Elite) on Oct 24, 2011
Really excited about this game.
Looks like a cross between Perfect Dark and Deus Ex.
And anything that reminds me of those two games is definitely on my list!
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Oct 25, 2011
PC-only remake of the classic (in the classic isometric style) would be high on my list of "must-have's". This console-centric FPS version that's coming I'll probably pass on.