Funcom's Gaute Godager proclaims Age of Conan a "great steak"
Posted: 27.06.2008 11:57 by Jamie Davey Comments: 0
During an interview with Eurogamer, Gaute Godager 'cheekily' compared Blizzard's World of Warcraft to "McDonald's" while Funcom's Age of Conan enjoys "steak".

The newly launched MMO has been hugely successful. He admits though "it's more expensive," and that "perhaps it's not as easily accessible as WOW is."

"I enjoy playing WOW, I enjoy playing Lord of the Rings Online," says Godager, shortly before knocking over his 'happy meal'.

"But you know... I'm going to be a bit cheeky now, but if you've been to McDonald's for four or five years, and had your burger and your Coke, sometimes it's great to just have a great steak and a glass of good wine."

"I think that's what we're trying to do. It's more expensive, it's not for everyone and perhaps it's not as easily accessible as WOW is. But it could be more meaty," he concluded.

Despite all the celebration for the un-projected mass up taking of the loin-clothed barbarian adventures, Funcom have hit some snags with the community. For the increased subscription price over competitor MMO's and brag of 'more meat' the community seems somewhat justifiably miffed that content is unfinished.

"What we chose to do at launch was to play it safe - to pick areas and zones and regions and hold them back, then finish them post-launch... The big zones that we're giving out this Autumn like Ymir's Pass and others - those are definitely pre-launch stuff that was cut or put on hold."

Oh dear, looks like that "great steak" maybe a bit too fresh off the carcass. Click here to read the full interview between Gaute Godager and Eurogamer.

Care for a Big Mac?

Source: Eurogamer
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