Lucasarts cuts Force Unleashed Team
Posted: 27.06.2008 16:37 by Comments: 9
There is a tremor in the force this morning as rumors circulate concerning the recent lay-offs at LucasArts. Approximately 70 – 100 employees were released from LucasArts earlier this month but the company was quick to claim that the lay-offs would not affect their video game development.

Joystiq is now reporting that the previously announced lay-offs affected the internal development team for the upcoming game “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed” including a number of “key personnel”. The Joystiq source is quoted as saying that the lay-offs occurred just as the development team was working to complete the game. It is now rumored that LucasArts does not have sufficient internal staff to complete the game without outsourcing the work to third parties.

Many gamers are now highly concerned about how these lay-offs will affect the quality of the much hyped game release scheduled for September. Not to mention how any needed patches or follow ups to the game may now be handled. Further questions are raised about how LucasArts intends to pursue further game development now that its internal studios have been so reduced.

More on this when we have it.


By dtungsten (I just got here) on Jun 27, 2008
Meh. LucasArts hasn't had a good StarWars game since the old school X-Wing series. Especially Tie Fighter, that was awesome.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Jun 27, 2008
dtungsten you are correct, although Star Wars: Force Unleashed was looking good. But I wish they would make another game in the Tie Fighter or X-Wing series. That would be fantastic with today's technology.
By JamieSI (SI Core) on Jun 27, 2008
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Jun 27, 2008
OmG, please, just not another delay!!!
By Kiam99 (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 27, 2008
This is looking so good...plz do not delay it!
By Pacer (SI Newbie) on Jun 27, 2008
lucasarts is really starting to look worthless....i don't know if ill ever buy another one of their games again.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jun 27, 2008
Another Lucasarts title bites the dust. I agree, the X-Wing series was the last gasp.
By SwiftFire87 (SI Veteran Member) on Jun 29, 2008
They are spreading the game across everything under the sun expect the PC. They could of left the PS2, DS, PSP versions out of the picture and made a PC version. They are spreading themselves to thin with this game and the other Star Wars Wii game coming up.
By Revan (SI Elite) on Jun 29, 2008
Well, this sucks. I'm gonna be really pissed off if this game will turn out to be crap! I guess now that they don't really have anyone to MAKE the darn game, it won't really matter.
If only I could go back to good days of gaming. When we had good Star Wars games. Not many games came close to Shadows Of The Empire or the Rogue Sqaudron games. And of course Jedi Knight 2 (loved that game!) ;(