Killian: You will "not have to wait ten years" for Street Fighter V
Posted: 02.11.2011 12:24 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Capcom beat-em-up evangelist Seth Killian promises we shouldn't have to wait a decade for Street Fighter V to punch and kick its way into our brawler hearts, unlike Street Fighter IV.

He jokes it'll "be before 2019," unless they wait until 2020 "just to screw me and make me look like an ass." Killian won't discuss ideas in case "some other game cops" them.

It took 10 long years for Street Fighter to graduate from III to IV, which released last year and was hailed as resuscitating the genre of brawlers as it scored high critically and in sales for Capcom.

"If I have anything to say about it, and I do, you will not have to wait ten years for Street Fighter 5," said Seth Killian. "It will be before 2019. Now I'm going to be fired for promising Street Fighter 5 before 2019. I think I should be OK. We'll see. They'll do 2020 just to screw me and make me look like an ass."

This month Capcom releases Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and they've got more universal crossover shenanigans with Street Fighter x Tekken. Street Fighter V remains unannounced by the studio, but Killian dreams of it. "Of course! I think I was nineteen at the time and I've been thinking about it continuously pretty much ever since," he says.

He won't be spilling ideas in case they're taken, or shot down by the community. "This is one of those trap questions where the more I say the less likely it is to come true, where it's like if I've got my idea out there and then there's one guy on the internet who says that's a stupid idea, the whole team will take and go, look, see it's a stupid idea!"

"I have to be very guarded. Or the case will be some other game cops the idea. That happens all of the time. With the rebirth of fighters there's a lot of great games coming out. I'm always paranoid when I'm looking at new games to see if someone's stolen one of the ideas I have in my notebook of awesome stuff. It's not like they've read my notebook or they've cheated me out of it. They've come to it on their own clever reasoning."

Have you enjoyed Street Fighter IV? Do you agree it's responsible for a brawler resurrection?

Source: Eurogamer
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