Ridge Racer Unbounded dated March 2012
Posted: 03.11.2011 19:04 by Comments: 0
Namco-Bandai has announced that their action racer Ridge Racer Unbounded will be launched in North America on the 6th March, 2012 and in Europe on 2nd March, 2012, for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Ridge Racer Unbounded represents a radical departure from the series' normal formula. Unbounded's gameplay resembles Burnout in its aggressive gameplay, in which players are encouraged to explosively take out competitors. The new developer, Bugbear Entertainment, is best known for the underrated FlatOut series, which were also Burnout-styled racing titles. Unbounded will also feature a new car roster that will include vintage muscle cars.

In the single player campaign mode players will run a series of destructive races in a bid to impress Kara Shindo, leader of the Unbounded gang. Players must pull off certain moves and tactics to develop street cred, destroying everything in sight including rival cars, the environment and other traffic on the road. The single player features several game modes including Survival Race, where the player has one car and one chance to avoid destruction to finish in first place. Other game modes include action focused on just taking out other cars, drifting and dueling.

As for multiplayer, players will enjoy various multiplayer modes, which are unspecifed in the official press release, but it's expected to have the same game modes as a typical Burnout game. Even more interesting is the City Creator, where players can build their own tracks, which other racers can test their racing skills on.
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