Sony and Microsoft bent rules to allow Joe Danger XBLA
Posted: 08.11.2011 02:28 by Comments: 0
The port of Joe Danger to Xbox Live Arcade represents a rare case of console war detente between Sony and Microsoft, since Hello Games' arcade racer was financed in part by the Sony Pub Fund, a program Sony began at GDC 2009.

When Hello Games expressed a desire into bringing Joe Danger - a Special Edition version with extras not found in the PSN version no less - it was within Sony's rights to block such a thing. However, Sony is sticking to its word that the Pub Fund's chief purpose is helping indie game developers find success.

"I can't really talk about the details of the Pub Fund, but of course this has all been given Sony's blessing," Hello Games' Sean Murray said. "The whole point of the Pub Fund is to take smaller indie studios and create digital publishers. I guess that's how we see ourselves. We're often held up as an example success story for Sony's Pub Fund, and I hope that's even more true now."

Meanwhile, Microsoft's reputation has been one of tight stringency on exclusive content; more than one game has been refused because it appeared on another platform. Murray addressed that as well, stating, "There's been a lot of talk about that in the press lately, hasn't there? I've been sat here giggling away to myself, reading enraged comments on stories about how Microsoft insists on all sorts of exclusivities."

"I can't speak for everyone, but that hasn't been our experience," Murray added. "Microsoft has been very open and honest to deal with."

That is a reversal of Murray's harsh words from a few months ago, complaining, "XBLA is kind of a slaughterhouse for smaller developers."

Regardless, both Sony and Microsoft get something out of this: Microsoft gets a fun four player XBLA title, while Sony's Pub Fund gets more credibility as a place for developers to get their games seen and heard, and not restricted to PlayStation Network - while Sony still gets early exclusives anyway.
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