Brink to add clan support and tournaments
Posted: 15.11.2011 18:18 by Comments: 0
Bethesda has announced plans to introduce clan support to their class-based multiplayer shooter Brink, as well as hold ranked tournaments. The feature will be added to the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, which was released this past May.

According to Beth Blog, aside from standard clan formation and management, Brink will also feature a Global Clan Ladder which will display all of the Clans in Brink arranged by their current ranking. "From there, Clan leaders will be able to challenge other Clans to Clan Matches. Once a time for a match has been agreed, Brink will automatically create a match at the appropriate time and issue invites to all participating players. And if you happen to be playing Brink, you’ll be reminded of any upcoming matches that you’re scheduled to play," states the blog.

In addition to ranked matches, the clan site will also feature Event Ladders. These special events will have customized rule sets, such as smaller team sizes and very specific map pools, which clan leaders can register to participate in. The Ladder will create game sessions for each match and send invites to the players automatically. Event Ladders will require considerable effort, so winning an Event Ladder will be prestigious, and will earn the victorious clan a special trophy for their profile page.

The Brink Clan site is in beta, and can be checked out here.
Source: Beth Blog
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