Starhawk beta goes live on 22nd November
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Sony has announced on the official PlayStation US Blog that the Starhawk beta will go live on the 22nd November, this coming Tuesday. Players who have opted-in will be receiving Private Beta keys soon. The beta will be "slow rolled"; in other words, users will be added on a staggered, regular rate to prevent server issues.

According to the blog, "We’ll be looking to unlock the door for registered players later on in the Private Beta. Fans that want to get in but may not get an invite can increase their chances by registering on the official site. Remember, we can’t send you Private Beta keys unless you have opted-in to receive them. Check out this Beta FAQ page for more info. We’ll also be working with great partners like G4, IGN, GameSpot, GameTrailers, 1UP, Kotaku, WIRED, USA Today, CNET, Maxim, and TIME (just to name a few) to make sure there are even more chances for you to get into the Private Beta. Even our community manager, HawkStar Jay, has a handful he’s itching to give away, so stay tuned for more details!"

Gamers who bought Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and received a Public Beta voucher will be automatically included in the beta, but in early 2012. Sony promises that the Public beta will "have even more features, game modes, guns, weapons, and general goodness to show during that next Beta phase."

Sony also included a "Warhawk-to-Starhawk" trailer as well.Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
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0Check it out in the video below.

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