News lists Diablo 3 as 27th March, 2009 - Pre-ordering available now
Posted: 01.07.2008 16:12 by Kres Comments: 3
During our search for the Diablo Battle Chest bundle on, we noticed that Diablo III is available for pre-order at 24.99, and has a release date of 27th March, 2009. Could this be the intended release date for Diablo III?

We cannot be sure until Blizzard officially announces it, as retail listings are often incorrect. But since its Diablo III, we wanted to let you know.


By Kiam99 (SI Veteran Member) on Jul 01, 2008
I hope it will be released in march, but i doubt it
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Jul 01, 2008
Delay? No there is no such thing as a delay. I've never heard of it! Please, let there be no delays, please!
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jul 01, 2008
Someone has even come out with 2011 as the release date. Rumours are thick...the force is strong in this 'un methinks (according to some strange black robed figure).