Fix removes D3D mouse lag in Skyrim PC
Posted: 27.11.2011 21:46 by Comments: 1
For those of you who are finding mouse lag in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on their Windows 7 system, GamesDot has found a solution to the issue, which is chiefly due to Vsync.

According to the blog post, "While frame rates are high these days if you spend some bucks, the new version of Windows adds tons of mouse lag to games. And while I can run Skyrim or QuakeLive in XP and benefit from 0 mouse latency I cannot run Battlefield 3 as it is a Windows 7 only game - hence I'm stuck with mouse lag.

Recently I found this guy who runs the website that wrote a nifty d3d wrapper (I guess :) by which you can enforce 2 settings pertaining to the input lag issue on any d3d application.

// which basically equates to the "Render ahead" setting in your Nvidia Control Panel

// which is the interesting part and sets a cap on your FPS. Try and set it a little lower than your monitor refresh rate as this is the key to drastically reducing lag. Do not go too low as you're going to get stuttering. Try and find a sweetspot.

Do not forget to force Vsync ON from the graphics card control panel."

He then suggests that the player download the antilag update, copy to the application folder (Ex. Skyrim folder), edit the .cfg file, then run the game.
Source: GamesDot
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