"I deliberately do not play games," says Gears of War writer Karen Traviss
Posted: 30.11.2011 12:10 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Author Karen Traviss has penned five books based off the Star Wars: Republic Commando game from LucasArts, and just released Halo: Glasslands - but she doesn't play them.

Traviss says if she did game then she "wouldn't do anything else" most likely. Traviss has also written five books for Gears of War and leads their comics - she wrote Gears of War 3.

It goes to show that the power of storytelling is universal and you don't need to know the specifics of a particular medium it seems. She admits to an "obsessive personality" and resisted FIFA.

"I have an obsessive personality and it's taken all my strength not to buy the FIFA game," Karen Traviss told 1UP. "The thing about Gears, and the thing about anything I work on, is that I must come to it cold. The less I know about something, the better." Gears of War 3 was the final chapter in a three title story arc and has been widely praised.

"For me, so much of the back story lies only in the visuals. The art," explained Traviss.

"Images are the most important thing I can extrapolate from. The best way I can describe it is like an aerial recon image. These guys that process the image that come back from recon satellites and aircraft? They go through it with a fine-tooth comb, they work out what those things on the ground are."

"That's what I'm like when I see an image from a game," she said. "The imagery of Gears is such that when you look into the environments, I want to walk into that world and down those paths." Have you played Epic Games' Gears of War 3, video gamer? Check out the full interview between Karen Traviss and 1UP.

Source: 1UP