Bastion "The Stranger's Dream" DLC arriving on 14th December
Posted: 12.12.2011 15:08 by Comments: 0
Supergiant Games has announced a new downloadable content pack for Bastion called "The Stranger's Dream". The DLC will include "a new fully narrated Who Knows Where sequence, bigger and more challenging than the others. You'll gain a bit more insight into Rucks' backstory as well as the history of Caelondia if you can survive this fight."

The DLC pack will also add a "Score Attack Mode", similar to campaign scores seen in other games in which your combat performance is evaluated in each level. The game will also include a "No-Sweat Mode", which is a difficulty level easier than the easy mode. In order to access all of the new content save the "No-Sweat Mode", players must complete the campaign at least once.

The DLC will be free on Steam, but will cost 80 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live Arcade and $1 on the newly released Chrome version. Supergiant Games' creative director Greg Kasavin stated in an interview that this DLC would be the last released for the critically acclaimed action-RPG.
Source: Joystiq