Amy will release on PSN same price and day as XBLA version
Posted: 10.01.2012 01:14 by Comments: 0
It seems Amy will be released for the same price and date on PlayStation Network as it will on Xbox Live Arcade in North America after all.

While publisher Lexis Numerique had no problems with releasing Amy in Europe for the same price on both service, problems arose with the exchange rate. While the Xbox Live Arcade version was still the same price in North America ($10 USD via 800 Microsoft Points), the PSN version became costlier at $12.73, which is what 10 Euro amounts to in North America.

The publisher issued a press release, telling gamers to vote on whether they wanted to wait a week and have a price drop, or get it now and pay $12.99, at Facebook. The press release questioned, "Do we keep the current situation (800 MS Points for the XBLA version and $12.99 for the PSN version) or do we cut the price and margin for the PSN version (800 MS Points for the XBLA version and $9.99 for the PSN version)."

Happily, it turns out that North American PSN users won't have to deal with the game being late or more expensive. Amy will launch in Europe on the 11th January for 9.9 (7.99, 800 MS Points) on PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, and on the 17th January for $10 (800 MS Points) in North America on both consoles.

Amy is a zombie survival horror game in which the gamer plays a woman named Lana who has been infected with a zombifying virus, and is aided by a mysterious 8 year old girl, Amy, whose presence mitigates the disease.
Source: Joystiq
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