Resident Evil more popular with action focus, "dream" is to lure Call of Duty fans
Posted: 20.01.2012 13:23 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Capcom's Dave Turner, head of UK marketing, has said the Resident Evil franchise has had its popularity "increase massively" as it marched toward more action over the years.

Resident Evil 5 is the "biggest seller" so far, and it "makes sense" to keep going in that direction "more fully." It would be a "dream" for Capcom to entice Call of Duty gamers to Resi Evil.

Operation Raccoon City focuses entirely on action as a crack squad blasts their way through hordes of zombies. It was the inevitable next step for the franchise - action is the future.

"We've seen the popularity of Resident Evil increase massively as the series became more action oriented - Resident Evil 5 is the biggest seller in the series. So, it makes sense for us to follow this action area more fully," said Dave Turner.

"The dream would be that the millions of Call of Duty fans that are enjoying these fast-paced online games are attracted to this Resident Evil," he continued, referring to the squad-based nature of Operation Raccoon City.

Capcom has just announced the existence of Resident Evil 6 at their birthday celebration for the undead series having reached its 15th year. While zombies return in a more traditional sense in the latest instalment the studio is going all out with the action - the founding ways of Resident Evil are things best left behind feels Capcom.

Has the more action focused Resident Evil kept you hungry for more, video gamer? Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City releases on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC March 20th in the US, 23rd in Europe.

Source: CVG


By LukeDion1987 (SI Core Member) on Jan 21, 2012
There are great looking characters on this RE: ORC trailer!
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jan 22, 2012
Unless it's suddenly become a FPS it's missing the mark right off the bat. A lot of Devs/Pubs look at the success of the "Zombie Mode" in some "CoD" titles and say "Gold, I tell ye....GOLD!". It's really only a fraction of the "CoD" demographic that actually are "into" this as was demonstrated by the survival mode in "FEAR 3" trying to imitate, but not quite succeeding. Pretty ho-hum.
As this will be a console port I'll wait for the reviews and inevitable price drop before my first re-entry to the "RE" series since it's second title.
By stuntkid (SI Elite) on Jan 25, 2012
I found it much easier to get into RE5 because of the gameplay. I agree with Hero about if it suddenly becomes a FPS. It'll be a completely different game from CoD and previous installments of RE too.