Microsoft issues official statement regarding Elite RROD stories
Posted: 08.07.2008 13:18 by Jamie Davey Comments: 1
Microsoft has responded to this story about the red ring of death problems hitting the Xbox 360 Elite consoles, as reported by many UK gamers.

An official statement has now been issued by Microsoft:
"Recent reports in the UK media regarding Xbox 360 contain inaccuracies and pure speculation, as well as news that is a year old.

"We encourage anyone who is experiencing issues with their Xbox 360 console to call the customer support centre. Our customer service team is well equipped to ensure that all Xbox 360 repairs go smoothly."
Source: Techradar


By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Jul 08, 2008
Ditch X360 while you can! PS3 is getting new 45nm Cell/RSX processors this year, which will make it cheaper! Just wait a while.