Update 13 for D&D Online teases upcoming Underdark expansion
Posted: 01.02.2012 17:56 by Comments: 0
Turbine has revealed some of the content that will be coming to Update 13, "Web of Chaos", for Dungeons & Dragons Online Unlimited. The update will serve as a prequel for the upcoming major expansion Menace of the Underdark, setting the stage with three new free quests.

The quests include:

* The Lords of Dust: The Silver Flame must now contend with an uprising cult! Controlled by the Rakshasas, the cult of the Lords of Dust have one priority- free the ancient demons trapped in Khyber.
* Servants of the Overlord: Venture deep down into Khyber and fight resistance as you attempt to thwart the Rakshasas from freeing the imprisoned "Spinner of Shadows"!
* The Spinner of Shadows: Engage in an ambitious battle as you fight to hold off the release of the Spinner of Shadows! Though beware of thinking your task is over, for a menacing journey awaits…

The update will allow players to start their character at Level 7, called the Veteran Status. Players can earn it either through a DDO Store purchase or spending earned Favor.

Update 13 also adds new items to the DDO Store, including the Cloak of Resistance, Necklace of Protection, and +1 Elemental Touch Weapons. New crafting tool components, Omnispell Dust and Omnispell Stones, can serve as wild cards to replace any material component in a magic spell.

Turbine hasn't said when Update 13 will be released, only that it is "coming soon".
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