Paradox's GDC 2012 Line-up
Posted: 09.02.2012 11:01 by Comments: 0
Paradox Interactive has announced its line up for GDC 2012 in San Francisco, which include three never-before seen IP's.

Along with more from War of the Roses and A Game of Dwarves, which we saw recently in Sweden, Paradox will also be unveiling these new projects:

Project "JFK" is another game by Arrowhead Game Studios, who created the Magicka franchise. It is supposed to offer "breakneck-paced multiplayer combat with a focus on killing your friends and looking cool doing it."

Project "Revenge" is from a new studio based in Brazil, Critical Studios, and it's been described as an "action packed action game set in a world that can be described as a death trap for heroes and children."

Finally, Project "Silverado" is from Zeal Game Studios, the guys behind A Game of Dwarves, and it's supposed to "combine elements from popular RTS’s, infuses them with a dash of modern shooters, a side order of a table top wargame and a sprinkle of sci-fi."

Stay tuned for further updates.