Blizzard brags Diablo III will have difficulties that are harder-than-hard
Posted: 11.02.2012 20:26 by Comments: 3
One of the chief complaints about Diablo III since the beta was launched late last year was that it is kind of easy. However, Blizzard is letting gamers know that it's just the beta - in the full version of Diablo III, players will have a real challenge in the Nightmare, Hell and Inferno difficulties. "You will die a lot" is the main message given by a video just released by the developer, which originally aired during last year's BlizzCon.

While Normal difficulty is a fairly casual level of gameplay, things ramp up rather quickly the further down the player goes on the difficulty level selection. It gets to the point where level bosses can take an hour or more to defeat, and players need to be very selective about the gear and skills they select. A focus on cohesive teamwork is also a must.

Check out the BlizzCon developer diary in the video below. Diablo III is expected to be released sometime in 2012.

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By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Feb 12, 2012
" hour or more to defeat". Will no doubt appeal to the hardcore and the braggarts (mutually exclusive, of course:p) but spending that amount of time dealing with one Boss...nah, I'll play Normal.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Feb 12, 2012
I'll do Nightmare. I want a LITTLE challenge. The Inferno is for masochists.
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Feb 13, 2012
At least we got a sample of the game now, and also some confirmation that the game will be released this year. I also would go for Nightmare... I didn't even finish Diablo II on Hell Difficulty.