Hydrophobia's Dark Energy Digital entering administration
Posted: 28.02.2012 13:49 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
Developer Dark Energy Digital has issued redundancy notices to staff and last week administrators were called in for the shutdown process to begin. Hydrophobia was meant as a trilogy.

It was originally a boxed product for consoles but made the switch to digital. Hydrophobia began at Blade Interactive which closed in 08, but the owners founded Dark Energy Digital.

Staff are said to be concerned over outstanding pay. Peter and Deborah Jones put Dark Energy Digital together after Blade Interactive failed to keep Hydrophobia going.

Low reviews and sales of the water-based game hindered the studio. It was re-released with significant overhauls to gameplay and design. There were plans to make a trilogy of the fledging IP but nothing came of it. The re-released game subtitled Pure did little to raise scores and sales. PC and PS3 were also poor performers.

Hydrophobia, the studio's proprietary Hydro Engine could both be sold by admins as well as the World Championship Snooker IP and an almost complete project. Did you enjoy Hydrophobia, video gamer?