Pirated Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3 hits BitTorrent
Posted: 04.03.2012 04:18 by Comments: 16
The Xbox 360 version of Mass Effect 3 has been pirated and has joined the PC version on BitTorrent, at a 15.94GB file size.

It's unfortunate that pirates feel the need to steal one of the biggest games of 2012 than pay for it.

Mass Effect 3 will be released legitimately on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation on the 6th March in North America, and the 9th worldwide.
Source: Gamepur
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By Xyfer117 (SI Core) on Mar 04, 2012
Its one thing to pirate music and movies, but games? especially games which are massive titles like ME3. I've already preordered mine.
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Mar 04, 2012
Meh, this is hardly surprising. What I really hate is that the pirating of Xbox 360 version is being treated as something new and unheard of. It's not, console versions are being pirated as much as PC versions period.
Piracy cannot be stopped with DRM, ACTA, SOPA or any other stupidity like that but it's effect can be lessened by lower prices because 60$+ for a game is simply too much in this economy.
I wouldn't be surprised if pirated version was copied from one of those copies launched into space XD
By unsilviu (SI Core) on Mar 04, 2012
I can't see a reason for people to pirate in the US, even in the economic recession, but game pricing really should be adjusted for other areas. For instance, a $60 game amounts to about 1/3 to 1/4 of the minimum wage here. Pirating does, however, only increase publishers' convictions about the necessity of DRM and the advantages of not releasing games on consoles. As a PC gamer, I do feel a tinge of happiness when seeing news about console piracy, maybe someone will realize that the solution to PC piracy isn't to just stop developing games for it, but maybe use novel tactics( such as the pink scorpion)
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Mar 04, 2012
Pink scorpion was pretty awesome way to turn people away from piracy. Wish more developers would use this kind of technique. As for area price adjustment, I completely agree with you unsilviu. While 60$ is affordable for people in the western Europe and the USA, here in eastern Europe that amount of money is downright robbery considering the price tag of one game to be a 1/4 of an average wage.
By Jasca_Ducato (SI Core) on Mar 04, 2012
The thing about pirating consoles games (and this has been around since the PS1) is the requirement to actually 'crack' the console, which renders legitimatly purchased games unplayable on said console; that is why console piracy hasn't been as prevelant in the news as PC game piracy.
By noobst3R (SI Core) on Mar 04, 2012
Sad, but this is actually "good news". It could have leaked and be pirated like two weeks ago. They're a few days from release, they're good.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 04, 2012
There is the constant and serious risk that not only are you trying to obtain property illegally, but that by doing so you leave yourself open to Viruses, Trojans, Wormware and Spyware. It is prolific with Games downloads and insidious (you might not notice for a few days).
Many maintain that it is legitimate to download "cracks" to overcome the burden and let's face it troublesome DRM that Ubisoft has ("Anno 2070" for one), but that's the price we pay as Publishers become more zealous in the protection of their IP's.
The other excuse is "No Demo, no buy", so "I'll try then buy". I'm afraid that just does not wash.
As more torrent sites close down, or begin/upgrade strict tracking services enforced by the owner of the media Games Piracy will eventually die down.
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Mar 05, 2012
I agree that it is a pity that they won't buy a great game that took quite a while to finish and a lot of work was put into it.

To make piracy fair in any way, is the same as making it fair and correct to walk into a supermarket, and helping yourself with the candy and stuff, and walking out without anyone saying anything.

That is why I don't support game piracy... and also because of the problems and disadvantages you face with viruses, and missing out on downloadable content, and of course online gaming.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Mar 05, 2012
While I don't condone Piracy, I can't but help to actually feel a bit spiteful that it is finally getting news that games are also pirated for the Xbox - the new wanted system? Only on-line games that drives this perhaps?

A tip - with Origin and all the new only online stores - how about you check the prices and perhaps more people would buy the games? Not saying that this would eliminate piracy - but come on - the game is much more costly as download than as a physical copy and download voucher is the cheapest option with almost 30% discount compared to online...
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Mar 05, 2012
Games are cheaper than ever. Back in 1984, I paid $80 for Ultima IV. And that doesn't account for 28 years of inflation.
By government45 (I just got here) on Mar 05, 2012
piracy is like a robin hood's work. they stealing for the poor. as for they who can afford the game but use a pirated games, its a moral hazard.
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Mar 05, 2012
Jonah, games are still that price here (I've banged on about it enough), but yes they've dropped in other countries. One could argue that they should not have risen in price over the years, as then we were getting value for money. Back in the early '90's the cost of manufacturing those plastic floppies (sometimes up to 6 for one game) was high. They came in large, colourful boxes with massive manuals, maps and assorted extra books and literature.
Now for $80 - 90 you get a digital download with....nothing else.
The prices were considered very high here in the early '90's and are still considered so. Some argue that our base wage is higher than other countries, but that's been proven false many times over (the economics have been worked through). Add that to a higher cost of living and you've got a Red Zone.
Piracy is a direct backlash against ridiculous greed by corporations built on piracy and theft. Ever seen a big games Publisher without without a shady past/present/future?

RRP as they now stand here -
Audio CD: $20 - 30
Movie DVD: $20 -40
Console Game: $120 - 150
PC Game: $70 - 100

No, this does not condone Piracy by a private individual, and I would never do that. Theft is theft...period! It does however go a long way to giving it some background though.
By BoneArc (SI Elite) on Mar 05, 2012
I agree completely with Herodotus on this one.
When i was living in Bulgaria ( Europe ) games were an all time high and they cost about 120$ or more.The result ? My country became a pirates country , everyone pirates . The teachers the students everyone , they even tell us to get some of the movies we need to watch downloaded from a Torrent site.

Games need to become less priced and then they can start crying about their money loss. Cause for them losing a couple thousands isnt really a big deal, since they make almost a billion with games of the year.
By DAmicoThunder (SI Core Veteran) on Mar 06, 2012
I agree with herodotus as well. Prices are higher, too high really.
But, I still do not see any need to steal the game. Just fucking pay for it like everybody else self-centered bastards.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Mar 06, 2012
Back in 1984 - games weren't a commodity - today they are. back in 1984 - games were considered to be something out of the ordinary and a "marvel" for geeks and computers cost a fortune - today the climate and market for computers, consoles and games is completely different and the gaming industry is moving more money than any other media business model.

Jonah - I'm sorry but games aren't cheaper than ever - they are just as expansive as people buying media consider them to be. Also, prices for on-line is commonly higher than for physical distribution - even is it is a steam game or origin game. That really doesn't make any sense when the digital version seldom is the better deal - but should be the most cost efficient one.