Virtua Fighter's Akira Yuki appearing in Dead or Alive 5
Posted: 05.03.2012 17:55 by Comments: 0
Team Ninja has revealed that Akira Yuki, mascot of the Virtua Fighter series, will be a playable fighter in Dead or Alive 5, which will be released in September for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This will represent the first time the star of another fighting game will appear in the series.

“Gamers will have an opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable battle with an esteemed competitor in Akira Yuki set in the Dead or Alive environment,” stated Team Ninja studio head Yosuke Hayashi, “This year will prove to be an amazing one for our loyal fighting fans as we are delivering a fantastic fighting game that can only been experienced in Dead or Alive 5.”

Team Ninja has released a video showing off some Dead or Alive 5 gameplay, with Akira making his DOA debut.