Blizzard's 'Scroll of Resurrection' will now "permanently boost" to level 80
Posted: 07.03.2012 13:43 by Simon Priest Comments: 2
World of Warcraft lives off subscriptions, and so Blizzard are coming up with more ways to entice back fans who've let their membership lapse. The 'Scroll of Resurrection' is one such way.

Those who get a friend to accept a Scroll invitation and buy 30 days game time get a free mount. The gamer returning can select one character to 'upgrade' to level 80 permanently.

It's almost a backdoor test to see if people want to buy levels for characters. The selected character for the boost will get "all class skills and spells up to level 80," and more.

A flying mount is present too with the relevant flying skill. Level 80 green item gear will be automatically equipped with original items posted back to the user via mail. "After accepting the Scroll, the recipient can choose one character to boost to level 80. The characterís spec will be chosen by the recipient prior to completing the level boost and the character will also be given appropriate talents under the chosen spec," reads the Scroll of Resurrection FAQ.

"The character will be placed in his or her factionís capital city and will be ready to adventure immediately. This means that the character will be granted all class skills and spells up to level 80, a flying mount and riding skill, and a green quality set of level- and spec-appropriate gear for leveling."

"Any gear that was on the character prior to the level boost will be mailed back to the character via in game mail."

Will this get exploited? Apparently Blizzard has pre-empted that with a limit of one 'Scroll of Resurrection' per account. As of March 5th, an account holder can only ever accept one. Are there any other boosting methods? "The ability to boost a character to 80 only comes when you accept a Scroll of Resurrection invitation," stated Blizzard.

Would a free boost to level 80 get you back in the fight for Azeroth, video gamer?


By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on Mar 07, 2012
... what's the point, then? Boost to 80? Seriously?
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on Mar 08, 2012
That does not interest me. What is the point of beginning with a maxed out player... I mean, where is the fun in the game if you didn't work for anything. What is there to be proud of?