Milkstone announces major 1.2 patch for Little Racers STREET
Posted: 07.03.2012 17:21 by Comments: 0
Milkstone Studios has announced that the major 1.2 update to their Xbox Live Indie game Little Racers STREET has passed certification and is now available for upload. The developer has added 12 new tracks (approxiamately 45 new events), some of them with crosses "for increased fun."

Some of the other major additions to the top-down arcade racer includes a Time Trial mode, while multiplayer games will be filled with AI cars if there aren’t enough players; quick races have a default value of 6). This will allow even a one player race with up to 11 other cars, which is useful if a player wants to race while waiting for new people to drop into the race.

The other major addition is the ability for games to be hosted/joined even for performance classes the player doesn't own yet: A stock car can be selected in this case.

The other tweaks and additions include:

* 2 New Camera modes: Rotating (A bit like cenital, but it always looks in the direction you are going) and Chase (A more typical racing game camera. This is more for show and fun than it is useful though!)
* Fixed “Show Gamercard” not working on the multiplayer lobby
* Fixed some multiplayer related crashes.
* Player count HUD is properly updated when a player leaves
* Selecting players in lobby works properly after joining a game in progress.
* Now you can’t go back while finding games until the process is finished (could cause some stability issues). A message is shown in this case. We are aware this process can take some time (around 45 seconds), but we can’t do much about that.
* Added a time limit of 10 seconds for each race results screen when in multiplayer.
* Custom multiplayer games (the ones created via the “Host game” menu) now require the host to press Start before the first race (this way, he can wait for friends to join before starting).
* The HUD hides when you complete the race.
* Fixed a crash when a host migration was performed on the lobby screen after a race.
* Reworked the background tasks system (Hopefully fixing the P2P sharing freeze issue, and hopefully not creating new issues in the process :S ).
* Gameplay should be smoother during P2P score shares.
* Fixed a crash when kicking a player under some circumstances.

Little Racers STREET was released on Xbox Live Indie Games on the 27th January, and costs a mere 80 Microsoft Points ($1).
Source: Milkstone