Silent Hill HD Collection set for release on 29th March
Posted: 08.03.2012 08:40 by Jamie Davey Comments: 1
Konami has announced that its two-game Silent Hill HD Collection, which is being developed for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, will be released on 29th March in Europe.

Silent Hill HD Collection contains both the second and third games from the series, which were both released for the PlayStation 2. These versions benefit from updated HD graphics, while the soundtrack has been re-recorded along with the dialogue by the original vocal artists. The included version of Silent Hill 2 also features the exclusive stages from the original Director’s Cut supplemental release.


By garry_profilin (SI Veteran Newbie) on Mar 14, 2012
do 2 games make a collection now? if thats so i'd like to introduce everyone to my sock collection (i'm wearing it right now!)
only silent hill game i really liked was shattered memories on the wii!