Play Xbox360 games from the hard drive, Live Marketplace on PC
Posted: 15.07.2008 11:14 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
A whole host of changes are flooding toward the Xbox360 console this fall Microsoft have revealed, including the option to transfer a game entirely from disc to hard drive.

You'll be able to peruse the Live Marketplace on the web and buy DLC which will automatically download to the console. A party system, avatars, new displays and more.

You will be able to transfer the whole of a game disc onto the hard drive though you'll still need the disc in to prove you own the game. This means faster load times and no spinning in the disc tray - I can see the 120 GB drives suddenly becoming more popular.

The dashboard is now going to be entirely built into the Xbox Guide which means no matter what you’re doing on the console you can access it, you could browse your games list and launch to another straight away.

A new feature to stick with a party of friends is coming so you can hop in and out of games but your group will stick together and you decide what you want to do next. This'll work with all the catalogue of Xbox360 games and supports up to eight friends; you can watch Netflix movies together also.

Xbox LIVE Primetime will be debuting too where simultaneous broadcasts of games will air with many featuring a live host. These games will apparently come with real prizes.

Avatars are in so gamercards are soon to be a decrepit relic of the past as you can now embrace your virtual self - with hopefully better taste. They'll be integrated pretty much throughout, XBLA, the Live party system as well as in the games.

New display resolutions are being brought in from the cold as well, they're sprinkling in 16X10 over VGA and HDMI, plus support for 1440x900 or 1680x1050 resolutions.

All these changes will be touching down this fall for Xbox360.

Source: VE3D