Tex Murphy the latest IP to see daylight on Kickstarter
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One of the classic adventure game series, Tex Murphy, may be resurrected, thanks to the Kickstarter fundraising service. Big Finish Games is looking to start the game's Kickstarter page on the 15th May.

For gamers who don't remember the Tex Murphy series, it was a chiefly full-motion video adventure game series starring the eponymous post-apocalyptic private eye. Murphy is a hardboiled detective in the mold of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, and one of the few humans born without any birth defects (called "Norms" in this setting.)

Perhaps the best known of all the five Tex Murphy games is Under a Killing Moon, which sees Murphy at the lowest point of his life - divorced, jobless, and broke. He starts putting his life together, when a mysterious Countess enters his life, and embroils him in a mystery surrounding a shadowy cult.

According to the indie developer: "We made a decision within the past few months that now was the time to complete the Tex Storyline. We could not wait any longer. We agreed that we needed to finish the story, although it had to be a more 'modest' game design since Big Finish Games is a small gaming studio.

"However, with the recent Kickstarter success stories for other Adventure Games - Double Fine Adventure & Wasteland 2 - we saw an opportunity to create a game of a larger scale. So, with that in mind, we hope to bring the next Tex Murphy game to an a much bigger, dare I say, epic level - More actors, locations, broader stories and yes - even meaningful, varied story paths. With these elements, we have a better chance of expanding the audience and a better chance of commercial success and continuation. All of this would allow us to make a true Adventure game with Immersive 3D world, Full Motion Video, and longer game play."

Big Finish Games then posted a video on YouTube, and are asking gamers to post "Tex Murphy Testimonials", with players stating what they loved about the original Tex Murphy games.

Source: Joystiq
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