Legend of Grimrock has gone gold
Posted: 23.03.2012 23:55 by Comments: 1
Almost Human Games has announced that their first person dungeon crawler, Legend of Grimrock, has achieved gold master status.

According to a blog post on the official site, "Itís been a long and challenging journey but we have finally reached this important milestone. But we donít think itís the end of the road, more like a fork in the road with ways branching into all sorts of interesting directions: iOS, Mac, map editor, sequel, new IP, living in a dumpster totally brokeÖ"

"Now that the game is done, we can fully concentrate on launch preparations like the trailer, press releases, sending out review copies for the press, interviews and so on," the developers added.

Check out some of the gameplay in this game in the video below. Legend of Grimrock is due to be released on PC this Summer.

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By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Mar 25, 2012
mmm, looks so cozy and this one I will surely keep a look out for now.