Microsoft "don't have any intent" for Blu-ray player on Xbox360
Posted: 17.07.2008 11:13 by Simon Priest Comments: 3
Since the untimely demise of HD-DVD many have felt it an open secret that Microsoft would, eventually, relent and ship their own Blu-ray player for Xbox360.

Forbes recently interviewed Microsoft's gaming VP of business Shane Kim who "can categorically say" that the company isn't working on any such player.

"I can categorically say that we're not working on a Blu-Ray player for Xbox 360," said Kim. "To my knowledge, we don't have any intent to do that."

Digital distribution is their current focus at Microsoft commented Kim, and recently it was announced that Netflix will be streaming video content to the next gen console this fall. Also announced was Xbox Live Primetime with the corporate giant looking to muscle in on TV networks.

"We are in the entertainment business," says Kim. "Many of our partners are the major networks and entertainment studios ... Being in the entertainment business, you partner with people and you may compete with those people as well."

What of a higher capacity disc though? Some developers having already laid out some of their concerns for the future and the limitations of dual layer DVDs.

Click here for the full interview between Shane Kim and Forbes.

Source: Shacknews
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By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Jul 17, 2008
Well, if they are not working on getting you guys a BD player in that piece of crap, than PS3 is going to sell better, and I might even go and buy some Sony stocks...
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jul 17, 2008
Can&#039;t agree Wow. The PS2 is a good multimedia platform, not a good gaming console...see my blog.
By Revan (SI Elite) on Jul 20, 2008
WHAT! The PS2 and PS3 both kick ass man! PS3 over 360 all the way for me. But personally, I couldn&#039;t care less about blu-ray or HD dvd&#039;s. They both look the same to me.