UK teachers blame games for rise in "hitting, hurting and thumping" among kids
Posted: 04.04.2012 14:00 by Simon Priest Comments: 4
The UK's Association of Teachers and Lecturers are blaming video games for a rise of aggression among young child at schools, with some claiming they 'act out scenes' from them.

There's a "notable correlation" between kids who play video games and those who arrive at school "really tired." Primary school teachers want "stringent legislation" to cope with it.

The group is very concerned over the effects violent games are having on primary school kids, reports The Guardian. One teacher said its effect has crept into pupil interaction.

"We all expect to see rough and tumble, but I have seen little ones acting out quite graphic scenes in the playground and there is a lot more hitting, hurting and thumping in the classroom for no particular reason," said Alison Sherratt, a teacher at Riddlesden St Mary's Church of England primary school in West Yorkshire.

"Obesity, social exclusion, loneliness, physical fitness, sedentary solitary lives - these are all descriptions of children who are already hooked to games ... Sadly there is a notable correlation between the children who admit to playing games and those who come to school really tired."

They argued that children so young have difficulty separating fantasy from reality and want "stringent legislation" to help combat the negative influence of such video games. However the general secretary of the ATL emphasised that it was the role and responsibility of parents and care givers to manage what entertainment their children were exposed to.

"It's about reminding parents and carers that they have a very real responsibility for their children and that schools can't do it alone," said ATL's Mary Bousted. Is this just more misdirected blame and handwringing? Sounds like it. Frankly it doesn't help that school environments and learning practices are more geared toward girls than boys.

It’s a fact that boys will turn anything into a gun and go 'pew pew' with his friends at that age. Surely it's time to overhaul the system and recognise boys get restless for a reason? Less gender bias - legislate that.
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By PapVogel (SI Member) on Apr 04, 2012
Why blame games, blame their bloody parents who first of all use said games to get rid of their kids, and buy them M rated games...
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Apr 04, 2012
Blame the parents. Parents these days are so lazy that they would rather have their children be raised by games, tv and internet instead of doing the job themselves.
By novapaddy (SI Member) on Apr 04, 2012
Sounds more like "something" in the food, if you ask me?
By djole381 (SI Elite) on Apr 04, 2012
You might be on to something there mate.