THQ states Dark Millenium more like Space Marine now
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Two weeks ago, THQ revealed that Warhammer 40,000: Dark Millennium Online was dropping the "Online" and transitioning into a single player game with a multiplayer community. THQ CEO Danny Bilson has related in an interview some of the thoughts that went behind the decision and some of the results of the change.

According to Bilson, there's "a lot of invention" in the game, stating, "In particular, the shooting mechanics are real-time, not turn-based. The content is absolutely incredible, and any time anyone ever had any doubts about it, all I had to do was bring them into the room and show them progress on the game. So there's a tremendous amount of content that was built."

Bilson then promised that the five years of development wouldn't go to waste, after all the "careful thinking and testing and prototyping" that went into the game. "If you saw it, you would easily understand the vision for the future of the game, and when you see it, I think you'll get it completely. It's really awesome," he promised.

THQ was married to the idea of a subscription-based MMO for Dark Millenium Online, and couldn't find any partners to help finance and co-publish the game with.

"That's what we were building: a big, ideally subscription-based, MMO," Bilson stated, "I can tell you that, unequivocally, certain people who have shipped MMOs, who saw this… a quote was, 'that's better than anything we've ever built.' That's a quote from a room I was in, and that's what kept the conversations going. There was a lot of, 'how do we make this work economically, because it's awesome?'"

In the end, Bilson decided it was better to scale the game back rather than have an investor who might "possibly dilute some of the controls around it."

Bilson then promised, "If you liked Space Marine, you're gonna love this thing. It's much deeper."
Source: Ripten
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By SirRoderick (SI Elite) on Apr 11, 2012
Let's all be optimistic and assume it's going to turn out a good game. Because I REALLY want it to.
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Apr 11, 2012
and if Space Marine was so - so because the game felt like it was a wee bit too much console oriented? The timed attacks were hard to get right and the fighting, while fun, turned out to be a mash the buttons rather then giving too much thought. An MMO with rich RPG elements is not like Space Marine to me - so I guess we will have to wait and see - but hearing it is more like Space Marine isn't exactly something that makes me jump up and down with merriment...
By Ninque (I just got here) on Sep 10, 2012
I agree with FoolWolf a bit, Although Spacemarine is good, some parts of it are annoying, like the button mash, health on kill aspect. I mean yea you're a space marine - a super human demi-god but its like they couldn't decide between the Fluff Spacemarines or the Tabletop Spacemarines and kinda just tried to go down the middle, tapping Halo on the way. That's my opinion anyways
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on Sep 12, 2012
Yeah,good input Ninque - I enjoyed the game but the game had some faults. Still - I always hunger for more WH40k games....