Sports Interactive's Football Manager Live "pretty close" now
Posted: 21.07.2008 12:52 by Simon Priest Comments: 0
The online MMO simulation of the Football Manager series, which has been on the bench just itching to get on the pitch, is nearing 'completion' says Miles Jacobson.

In an interview with Evo Gamer, Sports Interactive's Jacobson says the game will likely "never be 'finished'" in the traditional sense, with content updates "every few months".

"We’re pretty close to finishing the first iteration now, as in the code that will be released," he said.

"The game will likely never be ‘finished’ because, like FM, there are loads of ideas for features, and we are taking a stance of ‘constant development,’ meaning that there will be new features and updates every few months for those that subscribe to the game, which will be part of the subscription."

Fans of simulating their hopes and dreams of owning and operating the perfect football club will soon be able to get their kicks (see what I did there?) online and brag themselves stupid most likely.

Click here to visit the official Football Manager Live website.

Source: videogaming247