Dungeonbowl announced by Cyanide Studio
Posted: 11.04.2012 18:01 by Comments: 0
Cyanide has announced a new spinoff to their popular Games Workshop-licensed sports game Blood Bowl, called Dungeonbowl. As the name implies, the violent, bloody take on American football finds itself in a new location: a trap-filled dungeon.

The backstory for Dungeonbowl is that a group of wizards decided to find out which Magic College was better in the best, most brutal way: by playing Blood Bowl in a dungeon.

The game is still Blood Bowl, but with a few differences. This time, each side has three races. For instance, the Rainbow Wizards team features Wood Elves, Halflings and Humans. Also, the game is over after one team scores a touchdown. The difficulty resides in actually finding the football, which is hidden in one of six treasure chests - five of which are booby trapped.

Dungeonbowl will be released exclusively on PC in Q2 2012.
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