Namco steps in to save Hellgate London?
Posted: 23.07.2008 15:05 by Jamie Davey Comments: 2
According to an official post on the Hellgate forums, it seems that Namco has stepped in to save the downfall of Hellgate: London.

Zack "Ozuri" Karlsson Director, Business Development for Namco has said: "I know everyone is looking for an announcement, and we'd love to make one -- but right now, many things are in flux and we don't have all the information yet. As soon as we do, we'll post here on the forums, on the website, and anywhere else we can find you.

In the short term, please do not worry. The game is up, the servers are not going away in the short term and any major changes to status will be communicated in advance.

I'd like to ask for your patience as we try to figure it all out and chart a new course. We value your community, your commitment, and your passion for Hellgate and we will make sure that any solution that we architect will support all of you as best as we are able.

Thanks again. We hope to have a real announcement shortly.

Namco has also setup a small product page for Hellgate on its website, although no official announcements have been issued regarding this news. If we get anything more official, we will let you know.


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on Jul 23, 2008
Marking time until the inevitable. This is a failed project, and utilizing the LIVE online system was always going to be a problem for PC gamers.
By Wowerine (SI Elite) on Jul 24, 2008
Live sucks. But they can still save the name by doing some good stuff.