Crytek: Anti-Used Games Comments "Not Intended To Be Taken Seriously"
Posted: 30.04.2012 13:40 by Nick Akerman Comments: 1
Rasmus Hojengaard, studio director of creative development at Crytek, caused a bit of a stir last week when he suggested next-gen consoles should introduce measures against used games.

The developer has now gone back on its word, providing a statement that reveals the comment "was not intended to be taken seriously".

Talking to CVG, Hojengaard spoke about the possibility of next-gen consoles blocking the use of second-hand games:

"From a business perspective that would be absolutely awesome. It's weird that second-hand is still allowed because it doesn't work like that in any other software industries, so it would be great if they could somehow fix that issue as well."

With a little time to think, Hojengaard has now back peddled:

"My comment made in the interview released on the 24th of April, touching upon 'blocking sales of used games', was not intended to be taken seriously nor representative of the opinion of Crytek."
Source: CVG


By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 01, 2012
Sounding more like politicians every day.