Analysts: Black Ops 2 won't break records, new console hardware is needed
Posted: 05.05.2012 20:59 by Comments: 12
Analysts think that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will sell like hotcakes, but it won't achieve the same level of success as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Their opinions are chiefly based on two factors: this holiday will be crowded full of quality games, and new console hardware will be needed to drive Call of Duty sales further.

According to Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, "I don't think Modern Warfare 3 is going to sell more than the last Black Ops, so I doubt that this one will break a record. I think that Call of Duty is a phenomenon, selling way more than 20 million units annually, and it's unrealistic to think that number can grow meaningfully with each annual release."

"I think games like Call of Duty need new console hardware - developers are working with 7-year-old technology in an environment when tablets and smart TVs will soon be just as powerful," Pachter added.

RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian thinks Halo 4 and other titles will derail Black Ops 2 sales. "We are forecasting Black Ops 2 to sell roughly the same number of copies as Modern Warfare 2 in 2011," he predicted.

He added, "Overall, I think games like Call of Duty need new console hardware - developers are working with 7-year-old technology in an environment when tablets and smart TVs will soon be just as powerful."

"The entire HD market is very soft at the moment, and it is understandable that retailers, publishers, and analysts are likely to be conservative on any Black Ops II forecast. Whether Black Ops II sets any records this year will depend entirely upon the overall engagement of HD consumers, which is largely out of the control of Activision and Treyarch," EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich proclaimed.

However, M2 Research's Billy Pidgeon thinks Black Ops 2 can break records. "Call of Duty should continue to do very well and is likely to continue to break records as it will sell into a larger installed base of consoles," he stated. "I think other big hits will also continue to perform strongly until we get into the console transition and enthusiast spending begins to shift towards hardware again."

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 tripled preorder sales in the first 24 hours of availability over the original Black Ops.
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By obiwanmccartney (SI Veteran Newbie) on May 05, 2012
My hardware isnt 7 years old, oh wait, thats right, I have a PC. Hell, last time I had a PC that wasnt better than current gen consoles, the current gen consoles didnt even exist. Perhaps its time to recognize PC superiority and put PC back in its rightful place at the top of the gaming pyramid. Start porting games to console.
By djole381 (SI Elite) on May 05, 2012
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on May 06, 2012
Consoles drive sales, like it or not.
By obiwanmccartney (SI Veteran Newbie) on May 06, 2012
Makes one wonder why consoles dont have 2560x1600 resolution, and come with mice and keyboards. Consoles are like the Spice Girls, sold lots of records, but really not that good. PC is more like The Beatles, sell lots of records, and are the real deal.

Essentially, as soon as consoles are as good as pc's but with a closed environment (no compatibility issues, thus no bugs, or at least non-programming related bugs) then consoles will have a legitimate shot at ending the debate. Of course there will always be a better pc than the best console, but consoles have had all this time to grab the oppurtunity to be all they can be, and yet they havent, why?

Perhaps it will take a Steam console to show em how its done. Or, heaven forbid, Apple.

If Consoles want to be taken seriously as something other than canned prefab lowest common denominator for the masses crap, they need to learn to play real instruments and write their own music.
By JonahFalcon (SI Elite) on May 06, 2012
"Makes one wonder why consoles dont have 2560x1600 resolution, and come with mice and keyboards."

Because they're not on monitors, they're on televisions. And it's in the living room with multiple players. Ever tried to play same machine multiplayer with a keyboard and mouse?
By obiwanmccartney (SI Veteran Newbie) on May 06, 2012
split screen multiplayer is so long time ago.

Regardless, if people really want to get PC gamers on to console, the way to do it is not by polarizing things such as with Call of Duty MW3 and its bs elite system, or system exclusive DLC release windows, but rather, by making the console more like a PC. I mean good grief, Microsoft essentially owns the PC market, and they make halfway decent mice and keyboards, why the hell dont they issue them with 360's?

Try typing with a gamepad in an MMO, or controlling an RTS with a gamepad. Its been done, but not well enough. It shouldnt be that similar to entering high score initials on Pac-Man.

Personally I blame the illegal download revolution for the cataclysm in the pc vs console wars, but even theft can be mitigated. And no, Ubisoft, it doesnt have to be done the assinine way you do it either.

Problem is, sooner or later consoles will be killed by iPads and the like, which will be even worse. Laptops are too small as it is, never saw a 30" laptop, why the hell would real gamers want to try and play CoD on an iPad is beyond me.

Point is, if consoles really want to get that proverbial nail in the coffin vs pcs, they need to try harder. Mouse and keyboard being an incredibly easy first step to implement, they just dont get it. I just dont want to be left with consoles as they are now as the only alternative should pc gaming ever actually die. If Ford sells more than Honda, doesnt mean I want to be forced to have a Ford.
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on May 07, 2012
A very interesting point that you are making obiwan.

I for one have, and most probably will always prefer a PC over a console. There was some stage where I was anti console, but mainly because some great games only came out for console, instead of PC, like Gears of War 2 and 3.

I have gotten over that phase now however, as consoles do have their place. Speaking to a lot of former PC fans, most of them state that they want to come home and lie on the couch playing games on their consoles. In all honesty, it does make sense, but it also proves how lazy we can be. PC is already just relaxing, difference is you can't really stretch your legs all over the table (not recommended though).

I also don't want to go over to Console, because RTS is my favourite to begin with, so I doubt that titles like Starcraft can ever properly work on a console. And the whole idea of a FPS game on a console doesn't work for me either, I did try to play... I can't shoot accurately for life.

But even though I don't support console, I do however respect the fact why a lot of people prefer consoles. Let's face it, console players only have to buy one console which is in the market for years, and then buy their expensive games (which PC is catching up to). PC gamers unfortunately need to upgrade to stay up to date with our awesome graphics games, but then again I must add... it has been a while since I last saw a game that is so incredibly powerful, that I need to get the latest GPU like the GTX690 just to play it on good graphics, or even full.
By Chris_Spray (SI Member) on May 07, 2012
Here's an idea: Instead of selling more games by making each one prettier than the last, sell more games by designing games with killer gameplay.
By djole381 (SI Elite) on May 07, 2012
By SiyaenSokol (SI Elite) on May 08, 2012
xD Nice one djole381
By FoolWolf (SI Elite) on May 08, 2012
Ha ha ha ha! :)
Funny one djole! :)
By herodotus (SI Herodotus) on May 08, 2012
FPS locked at 30, FOV locked at 60 - no thanks.